The Programs Created By SKC Are Designed To Prepare Individuals To Be Engaged, Contributors In Their Communities. Giving Back To Those That Got Us To Where We Are Today.

Resilience through education

SKC’s programs were created to foster sustainability in small, especially native, communities.

Giving back by nature

PretiumThe curricula of our course work were founded to encourage students to give to something greater.

The 4 C's

Each course at SKC rests upon these concepts. Cultural Awareness, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Citizenship.


Our college began as a way to ensure Native Americans had access to improve their lives through education. This led naturally to our graduates improving their communities, Native and non-Native. Our programs have been developed with both individuals and communities in mind. We seek to fill voids in the workforce so Native communities are able to populate their workforce from within building resilient, sustainable communities.


Something greater

Among the many tenets of an SKC education is service learning. Several of our courses and programs contain elements of community service. Learning applicable skills within a program of study while serving within the community creates a realistic link to the impact each of our students has.

When our graduates begin their career they understand they are not just going to work. They are attending to the vital needs of their people.


The 4 C's Of An SKC Education

All of SKC’s courses and programs are imbued with the 4 C’s Communication, Critical Thinking, Cultural Understanding, and Citizenship. Our students graduate with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform in their industry, but also apply them more effectively and within a more meaningful context.


Apply now and enjoy a unique educational experience that blends Western academic knowledge with Native American perspectives and practices. Benefit from smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and opportunities for hands-on learning and research. Join a supportive community that values cultural diversity and academic excellence, and prepare for a successful career and leadership role in your community. Apply today and start your journey towards a brighter future at SKC!